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Stayfit's administration side of the store is where admin can modify features, upload articles, keep track of members, manage payments, and much more

It has been divided into several sections that makes easier to manage for user Those sections has been described one by one in following :

  • The dashboard is the first thing admin will see when entering stayfit's admin panel.The main function of the dashboard is to give the owner an overview of how the business is performing
  • There are few sections of the dashboard that can help admin to understand the statistical data collected from the front-end :
    • Total users
    • Total lifestyle articles
    • Total workout articles
    • Total recipe articles
    • Total packages
  • Owners should know who their members are and how to manage their information, A complete list of members will be displayed on this page, along with the following information
  • Login Source (Manual/Social Media)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Verified Status
  • Active/Deactive Status
  • Stayfit also provides to put multiple categories under workout and recipe
  • Admin can add or edit category with Name and image
  • Admin can add multiple lifestyle articles with below options :
    • Title
    • Short Description
    • Long Description
    • Meta Keyword
    • Meta Description
    • Active/Deactive Status
  • Admin can also edit and delete this articles
  • This section belongs to give instruction related to several workouts
  • Admin can also add articles under selected category
  • Workout video and duration can also be added from this module
Diet Chart/Recipe
  • Admin can add articles related to diet plans and give instructions to members or visitors
  • This is a premium module which avail different documents,videos and images which can be accessible after user made a payment
  • Admin would be able to create multiple packages and change thestatus anytime
  • Home page slider
    • Front page slider can be added from this page
  • Site Content
    • Site name: Website name, visible on both front-end and admin
    • Email : Admin default email where all email will receive
    • Call us : The Number which will display on front-end
    • Body Color : Body background color is managed
    • Font Color : Font color is managed
    • Font Family : Font style is managed
    • Site Currency : Currency option will be choose
    • Site Timezone : Country timezone will be select
    • Site Date Format : Date format will select which define how date will look
    • Site Logo : Logo will appear in front-end,emails which is select from here
  • Subscribers
    • The list of subscribers is appear where admin can active/deactive particular subscribers
  • Newsletters
    • The list where title and description display of news
  • Send News
    • This module would be able to send news with title and description to all subscribers

On the front page of stayfit, there are multiple modules like

  • Workout
    • Displays active workout articles which are added from backen
  • Recipe
    • Displays active recipe articles which are added from backend
  • Lifestyle
    • Displays active lifestyle articles which are added from backend
  • Packages
    • Displays active packages which are added from backend
  • Calculator
    • Body Mass
      • Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women
    • Body Fat Calculator
      • For the estimation of your body fat percentage based on weight,waist and gender
  • User Goals
    • Set, Track, and achieve goals



  • 3 month support from Medios
  • Free Hosting*
  • Free 3 Email ID
  • Paypal Payment gateway included
  • 3 month support from Medios
  • Free Hosting*
  • Free 3 Email ID
  • Online enquiry manage

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