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Shopping Cart, Search Bar, and Customer Login-These three aspects are the absolute most essential features of any e-commerce store. The little shopping basket icon you see on every business page is a necessity as it is quite impossible to own an online store without providing a way for visitors to save and check out items.If you have a quite an array of products, a search box is a must-have as it will help customers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. Also, prompting your visitors to create an account for your site is a brilliant way to keep them coming back. Not only can they review their previous and current orders, they can create a wish list, and you can offer special deals

Catalog Management


  • Search and sort to easily find categories
  • Manage categories
  • Set categories as “active” or “inactive”


  • Search and sort to easily find products in certain categories
  • Easily manage and edit products
  • Product fields include name, product details, additional details, price, images and more.
  • Set products as “active” or “inactive”
  • Add products to a single category
  • Add and manage product options
Content Management


  • Manage content pages
  • Manage Site Name,Meta Description, Meta Keywords,set Timezone, set date format, body color, homepage background image,logo and banners
Customer Management


  • Search and sort to easily find customers by first name and last name
  • View customer details and previous orders
  • Customer activate and inactivate accounts
  • Reset customer passwords
Order Management


  • Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables
  • Manage and updated order status
  • View order number and all customer information
  • View order information and purchase details (products, tax, shipping, addresses, etc.)
  • Add private notes to the order
  • Receive email when order is placed
  • Export orders to Excel


  • Interactive administrative dashboard with statistics
  • Dashboard general reports (not based on date range) include total orders, new orders , total customer and total sales
Search Engine Optimization Management

Dynamic Title and Meta Tags

  • Configure dynamic meta keyword and meta description for each product pages
  • Configure dynamic meta keyword,meta description and title for throughout the website
Payment Options
  • Manage PayPal account settings



  • 3 month support from Medios
  • Free Hosting*
  • Free 3 Email ID
  • Paypal Payment gateway included
  • 1 month support from Medios
  • Free Hosting*
  • Free 2 Email ID
  • Online enquiry manage

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